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DUNS Numbers and CAGE Codes

Dun & Bradstreet (D&B),
Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number
and Commercial And Government Entity (CAGE) Code

Center DUNS Number CAGE Code BPN
NASA None assigned None assigned 003259074
NASA Headquarters 129405390 88006 129405390
Ames Research Center 009231648 35SG8 009231648
Armstrong Flight Research Center 019991694 1JYR2 019991694
Glenn Research Center 004523320 1QFP5 004523320
Goddard Space Flight Center 004968611 36FC1 004968611
      Wallops Flight Facility None assigned 08YE9 None assigned
Johnson Space Center 003251113 21356 003251113
     White Sands Test Facility None assigned 0US70 None assigned
Kennedy Space Center 031708360 22264 031708360
Langley Research Center 027613459 3K1D2 027613459
Marshall Space Flight Center 019453930 339B2 019453930

NASA Management Office at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

060375672 2V171 060375672
NASA Shared Services Center None assigned None assigned 624875386
Stennis Space Center 100514327 1WRN9 006461305

***Jet Propulsion Laboratory - CalTech employees should contact
their JPL business office for DUNS and CAGE numbers.***

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