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GN 00-34

January 29, 2016






PURPOSE:  To remove references to NAIS EPS and to replace with, as applicable, a reference to Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) web page as found in the Grants and Cooperative Agreement Manual, NASA Guidebook for Proposers, and any other related documents.


BACKGROUND:  The NAIS EPS was developed in the mid-1990s when no other federal system was available.  The General Services Administration requested use of the EPS custom code, which eventually evolved into FBO (also known as FedBizOpps). was made available Federal-wide in October 2001.  NASA continued to rely on EPS because it provided enhanced capabilities and satisfied initial gaps within FBO.  Given the evolution of FBO, it was decided by the Assistant Administrator for Procurement to direct the NAIS Team to perform a shutdown of EPS by December 31, 2015, and to utilize FBO.


ACTIONS AFFECTED BY CHANGES:  This requirement is applicable to all actions that require posting to FBO after the date of this GN.  EPS will be shut down as of January 31, 2016.


ACTION REQUIRED BY GRANT OFFICERS:  All NASA Research Announcements and other funding opportunities that may result in a contract as well as a grant or cooperative agreement shall be posted to FBO in addition to NSPIRES and




PARTS AFFECTED:  Grants and Cooperative Agreement Manual section 5.2.1 - Synopsis Requirement, NASA Guidebook for Proposers, and NPR 5810.1.



HEADQUARTERS CONTACTBarbara Orlando, Contract and Grant Policy Division; 202-358-3911, email:




William P. McNally

Assistant Administrator for Procurement





NASA Grants Policy Team, Mission Directorate contacts


Grant and Cooperative Agreement Manual


5.0  Preaward


5.1  Competition

Consistent with the FGCAA, competition is encouraged in the award process for making grants and cooperative agreements.  Grants and cooperative agreements are classified in two major categories:  discretionary and non-discretionary.  Discretionary awards are those for which the Agency may issue a competitive solicitation to determine the recipient and the amount of the award.  Generally, such awards are made using merit-based peer or scientific reviews following the procedures in 2 CFR 200 as supplemented by the NASA at 2 CFR, subtitle B, Chapter XVIII.  Non-discretionary awards typically are those actions that NASA is required to award to a specific recipient in accordance with Congressional direction, either through earmarked funds or appropriations acts.


NASA may award grants or cooperative agreements using three different methods: awarded on a competitive basis; awarded on a single-source basis; or awarded on the basis of an unsolicited proposal.  Although competitive awards are encouraged when practicable, NASA has the authority to make awards on a non-competitive basis from single-source proposals and unsolicited proposals.  The difference between single-source proposals and unsolicited proposals is that the Agency solicits proposals in single-source awards from only one recipient but does not solicit proposals when an award is based on an unsolicited proposal.


5.2  Competitive Awards


5.2.1  Synopses Requirements


      1.  All announcements of grant and cooperative agreement funding opportunities shall be synopsized using the standard set of data elements (enclosed), prescribed by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).  The synopsis shall be prepared in [NSPIRES or Federal Business Operations (FBO), as appropriate. Access FOB at :]  the NASA Acquisition Internet Service (NAIS), located here; by using the Electronic Posting System (EPS).  The EPS has been revised to incorporate additional data elements required for Grants.govDepending on user input, the EPS will transmit announcements to, to FedBizOpps (the procurement site for announcements), or to both sites.  Synopses shall be electronically posted to:, no later than 3 business days after release of the full announcement.


      2.  All competitive solicitations that can result in the award of a grant or cooperative agreement shall be posted on the NASA Solicitation and Proposal Integrated Review and Evaluation System (NSPIRES).  Procurement offices shall notify program offices issuing solicitations of the requirement to use NSPIRES.  Those posting solicitations on NSPIRES shall register for an account at  Instructions for using NSPIRES will be available through user desk guides at  If additional help is needed, the NSPIRES Help Desk can be contacted at (202) 479-9376, or by email at

      3  This requirement applies to all announcements of grant and cooperative agreement funding opportunities with the following exceptions:

            a.  Announcements of opportunities for awards less than $25,000 for which 100 percent of eligible applicants live outside of the United States.

            b.  Single-source announcements of opportunities that are specifically directed to a known recipient.


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The 2015 NRA and CAN Proposers' Guidebook


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Section 5.2.1, Synopses Requirements, of the Grant and Cooperative Manual and Procurement Information Circular (PIC) 06-12 require that all NASA Research Announcements (NRAs) and NASA Cooperative Agreement Notices (CANs) issued on or after October 1, 2006 that could result in the award of a grant or cooperative agreement be posted on NSPIRES.  Links to open and recently closed NASA NRAs released by NASA may be accessed through the Web address for the NASA Solicitation and Proposal Integrated Review and Evaluation System (NSPIRES) at  Alternatively, the NASA Acquisition Internet Service (NAIS) provides an inclusive, searchable database for all solicitations of every type released by the Agency by opening "Business Opportunities" from the menu at  This listing will also include any NRAs that may be released by any of NASA's Centers.  Researchers may also find research grant opportunities offered by NASA and other Federal agencies on the Grants.Gov web site at[NASA solicitations for contracts are found at the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) site:


NASA funding opportunities for grants and cooperative agreements are found at: NASA Solicitation and Proposal Integrated Review and Evaluation System (NSPIRES): and]


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1.2  Overview Description of the Processes


      1.2.1  Writing, Announcing, and Releasing an NRA


      Regardless of their objectives, NRAs released by NASA that specifically incorporate this Guidebook by reference will be patterned on a standard format that, at a minimum, includes:

Overview Information

Executive Summary 

Funding Opportunity Description

Award Information

Eligibility Information

Application and Submission Information

Application Review Information

Award Administration Information 

Reporting Requirements

NASA Contacts

Other Information




      If the NRA anticipates the award of both contracts, and grants or cooperative agreements, the NRA must be synopsized in the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) at [] at least 15 calendar days prior to release and in, located at, not later than three days after release. If an NRA expressly excludes the award of a contract as a funding instrument, the NRA is required only to be synopsized in Grants.Gov no later than three days after the release of the NRA.  Although posting in the FBO is not legally required in the latter instance, the NRA may also be synopsized in the FBO as a method of publicizing the opportunity.  As a service to the interested members of the science, technical and educational research communities, some NASA program offices also provide direct notification of the intended release of their program announcements through Internet-based email notifications.  Instructions for subscribing to email notifications can be found at the research opportunities website (ref. complete listing at  However, note that NASA is not responsible for inadvertently failing to provide notification of a future NRA.  Interested parties are responsible for regularly checking these websites for updated NRAs.  Finally, NRAs may also be accessed through the menu listing "Business Opportunities" of NASA's Acquisition Internet Service (NAIS) at  In all cases, a notice in any of these venues will always contain at least the following fundamental information:


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