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GIC 14-02A

April 7, 2015



PURPOSE:   To provide clarification as the applicability of the new regulations, published as 2 CFR 200 and 2 CFR 1800, and the Grants and Cooperative Agreement Manual (GCAM) as initially implemented in GIC 14-02 dated December 16, 2014.

GUIDANCE:   The regulations and GCAM provide policy for the entire grant cycle, from the selection of the correct funding mechanism to closeout and audit of the awards.


"Augmentation" - a supplement used at any time when work is introduced which is outside the scope of the approved proposal

"Budget Period" - the one (1) year period of funding that starts at the date of issuance or anniversary date of issuance. For example: if the award was issued on May 1, 20XX then a budget period would be from May 1, 20XX until April 30, 20XX

"Funded Extensions" - the extension of the period of performance and budget period to allow completion of the project to which new funds are added.

"Renewals" - new non-competitive awards that provide for continuation of successful currently supported projects beyond the original period of performance and funding levels. Renewals do not include negotiated options under cooperative agreements.

"Option" - an action by which, for a specified time, the Government may elect to extend the award.

APPLICABILITY:     As of December 26, 2014, 2 CFR Parts 200 and 1800 supersede 14 CFR Parts 1260 and 1273 for all new and renewal grant and cooperative agreement awards, except those cooperative agreements with commercial firms subject to 14 CFR 1274. 2 CFR Parts 200 and 1800 also apply to cooperative agreements with commercial firms when cost sharing is not required.



As of December 26, 2014, the new guidance and regulations will apply as follows:

         For augmentation funds issued after December 26, 2014 the regulations will apply to the augmentation funding.

         For funded extensions lasting longer than one (1) year and issued after December 26, 2014, the regulations apply when the funds are issued for the extension.

         For multi-year award funding issued after December 26, 2014 that is incrementally funded by fiscal year, budget period or option, new regulations will apply when the first installment of incremental funding is issued for the new fiscal year, budget period, or option.

EFFECTIVE DATE:  This GIC is effective as dated and shall remain in effect until canceled or superseded. However, the GCAM became effective December 26, 2014.

HEADQUARTERS CONTACT:  Barbara Orlando, Contract and Grant Policy Division, 202-358-3911, email:


William McNally

Assistant Administrator for Procurement