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Frequently Asked Questions
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Where can I find NASA and other federal acquisitions on the Internet?

For competitive NASA acquisitions over $25,000 go to FBO. Other federal acquisitions can also be found at FBO.

Many federal agencies have their own acquisition sites, which are linked from the Federal Acquisition Jumpstation.

What is the Federal Acquisition Jumpstation?

The Federal Acquisition Jumpstation provides "hotlinks" to all federal procurement information on the Internet. From this Internet site you can link to departments and agencies throughout the government to retrieve acquisition forecasts, announcements, solicitations, how-to guides, small business assistance information, plus federal acquisition regulations.

Where can I find procurement forms?

We maintain many procurement forms on-line at the Ames Procurement Forms page.

Where can I find descriptions of awards and active contracts?

Many recent contract awards are publicized on the FBO. Summary-level information of all active NASA contracts can be retrieved via the NASA Procurement Data View on-line query.

How do I submit unsolicited proposals?

For submitting unsolicited proposals, you should follow the guidance located here: Guidance for the Preparation and Submission of Unsolicited Proposals.

How can I find a particular NASA synopsis of an acquisition?

Begin at the FBO site. From this point you can browse the library of acquisition listings or search based on specific criteria and key words.

How can I get specific contract and grant information?

Summary-level data can be found via the NASA Procurement Data View on-line query. Additional information may be requested through the appropriate Freedom of Information Office.

Is there a cost associated with using NAIS?

There is no charge for using the NASA Acquisition Internet Service.

What kind of educational information is available from NASA?

Visit NASA's educational resources site.

What kind of job opportunities are available at NASA?

Visit the NASA Jobs site for more information.

Where can I get general information on NASA?

Visit the NASA Public Affairs Office.

NOTE: If you have related questions that are not answered here, send them to our Technical Support.

Questions regarding a specific procurement action should be addressed to the point-of-contact listed in the particular acquisition.

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